Extraordinary Infusion Nurses, Everywhere

We are a nation-wide community of nurses committed to caring for others by delivering highly specialized, truly exceptional infusion care.

Nurse sitting with a patient

Leading With Passion:
Meet Our Team

Jennifer Miller

Vice President and General Manager, Naven Health

Timothy Kingas

Vice President of Operations, Naven Health

Sarah Allen

Area Director of Nursing - Central

Chris Vanname

Area Director of Nursing - East

Erica House

Area Director of Nursing - West

Nathanael Farrelly

Director of Strategic Operations

Nabila Ahmed

Director of Strategy and Commercialization

Jayson Oaks

Director of Growth

Abram Urena

Senior Manager, Quality, Regulatory, and Education

Nurse giving a patient an IV

Extraordinary, Skilled Patient Care

Our customers expect us to deliver the highest standard of patient care and we continually strive to meet these expectations.

  • Experience with ultra orphan, rare and chronic disorders
  • Certification within one year of employment (i.e., CRNI®, OCN®, IgCN®)
  • Peripheral/CVAD access and de-access devices
  • Infusion/injectable and self administration training
  • CVAD access and maintenance
Infusion Nurse Locations

More Than 1,500 Infusion Nurses In All 50 States

Our partnerships with specialty pharmacies across the nation ensure we have nurses everywhere you have patients.

Consistency, Respect & Empathy

We believe that truly exceptional care is borne from our compassion and our desire to serve, as much as our skill.

We want the patients in the best hands that we can find. (Naven Health) is an agency that provides safe, compassionate, and successful care and works with us well.

– Naven Customer

Naven Health provides exceptional care and is very responsive to patient, provider, and pharmacy needs. Naven Health is communicative and understands the ever-changing nature of the home infusion environment. We always appreciate partnering with Naven to serve our patients.

– Naven Customer

I need to have multiple options and coverage in very remote areas. I work with Naven because they specialize in infusion nursing, have the ability to cover gaps in our geography, and have expertise in clinical practices.

– Naven Customer

My nurse is fantastic. She is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate.

– Patient

My nurse is extremely kind and friendly. I appreciate her attention to detail and care and her compassion and company during my treatments.

– Patient

Naven Connect, powered by AlayaCare

Technology That Enables Exceptional Care

Naven Connect, powered by AlayaCare, is our technology that enables us to deliver a seamless experience within one platform. It’s technology that delivers for our customers, our nursing team, and our patients.

  • Seamless referral management and clinical documentation tool
  • Coordinates nurse and pharmacy communications
  • Timely visibility into patient/order information
  • Ability to send real-time push notifications
  • Optimizes scheduling with easy-to-use tools

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Naven Health is the name for the nursing network that is comprised of certain wholly-owned subsidiaries of Option Care Health, Inc. (“Option Care”), the largest independent provider of home and alternate site infusion services. While it may benefit from the depth and breadth of resources available through its parent entity, Naven Health operates as a separate and distinct entity from Option Care. Furthermore, Naven Health and the overall enterprise are equally committed to maintaining the appropriate level of separation between the entities in order to protect data integrity and other related interests of our Naven Health customers.